Friday, October 26, 2012

A Fail..but I Learned a lot

This is the jacket I was working on making yesterday.  I started it off loosely based on a pattern I had seen.  It was HUGE!  REALLY BIG!  In fact, I took it in more of five inches and it is still way too big.  I am kind of a big girl so I made it in an extra large.  I probably could have made it a size medium!!  Also, I was using 21 wale corduroy and I feel like I need something with more drape.  Some kind of wool blend perhaps.  I did get a lot of the design elements in place, like the embellishment at the cuff, on the pockets, the pleats on the sides.  I am nearly done, needing one sleeve and the trim around the front and bottom but I don't know if I will finish it.  I will take a photo of what I did so far and post it, just forgive how goofy it looks with only one sleeve (and an oddly short one at that).  I am going to try again because I just adore how this jacket looks!

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