Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Weddings Abound

I have been so busy lately.  When is anyone not busy right?  I am back in school taking classes again, pursuing a degree in applied behavior analysis.  Things show no signs of slowing down any time soon.  Maybe in June when school (work) is out but before extended school year starts for kids.

Anyway.  There are weddings all around me. 

My lovely friend Christina is getting married and was struggling to find her wedding dress (another perk of living in the mountains).  She is getting married in February on the beach in Mexico (as if it isn't enough reason to hate her because she is gorgeous).  About a month ago she asked if I could make her wedding dress.  She sent me photos of her ideal dress.
Eliminate the frouff under the bustline and take the chiffon off

Leave the chiffon in the back for a little train detail and add her grandmother's broach.
I thought, "I think I can make this happen."  I searched for a pattern to use as a starting point.

Coincidentally, This is the pattern that I used for my own wedding dress.  I first made a toile so that we could get the fit right and close to the dress that she wanted. I have found that you can get sheets on clearance at Wal-Mart for a cheaper price than fabric off the bolt and get more fabric for your money!

This was a jersey sheet set

After a few fittings, a few adjustments, and a few pin pricks, we landed on this dress.

Christina is just gorgeous and would look fabulous in anything!  I'll post some photos of her dress at her actual wedding (and not standing in my office after hours) soon.

My friend Lynn is getting married and fancies this dress. 

I positively love the back of this.  I think that this is something we can create if it turns out to be too expensive.

My mom is getting married (I told you...weddings abound!) and, no I am not making her dress.  But I am making dresses for both my sisters and myself.  I'll post photos of what I am making for all of us.  In the next three and a half weeks.  In between finishing my class for the semester.  Deep breaths.

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