Monday, April 29, 2013


I did get a photo of all the dresses.  Here is the happy bride and groom and my three sisters.  The sister in all black is wearing a dress I did not make (thank goodness there was one I didn't make!).
I made the green dress, mine obviously, and the one with the black lace overlay. 

Here's hubby and I (sporting the tie I finished in the hotel room that morning).

One last one of me and my mom.

I LOVE how my make-up turned out.  I did practice it a few times the week before.  I hadn't ever worn a smoky eye, let alone in purple.  In my practice, I did discover there is a fine line between a smoky eye and just looking like a drag queen.  In full disclosure, this happened right before the above photo.
The photographer wanted a picture of me hugging her and my lace got stuck on her beading.  It was a very funny moment.

I was a little disappointed in the performance of the lace.  I did not serge the edges because it wasn't going to fray anyway.  And it didn't fray.  What it did was change colors.  No kidding.  The threads on the very edges of lace look like they were dipped in bleach.  I think I can fix it by serging the edges and cutting off the tiniest fraction of the lace but it kind of bugs me that it got so weird.

Tomorrow I will post all the patterns I used as well as a new top I started on this weekend (guess that means I have to finish it tonight). 

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