Sunday, March 6, 2011

First Post!

I am so excited to make my very first post!  For my first post, I wanted to share with you this adorable kindle bag.  I have already cranked two out today. About a week ago I got a kindle, courtesy of my very fabulous mom.  (She is an amazing woman)  My mom happens to be the inspiration for this blog and the person responsible for my sewing habit (addiction?).  More about my mom and our relationship in due time.

This particular bag is for my intern (teaching, not sewing).  I used fat quarters that I purchased at Wal-Mart.

I made this one for myself (but I think I am going to regret the white).

And as always, I had some assistance (this is Yin, one of my three helpers).

By the way, I am not a great photographer but what I lack in quality, I can make up for in quantity.  So the pictures aren't great but there are lots of them.  You're welcome!


Heather said...

lovin' your fabric here, my friend :)

alyssa.albiniak said...

The Kindle totes are adorable. You have a special gift for choosing great fabric. Speaking of fabrics, we should catalog the process of you altering my wedding dress and making the hair piece. What do you think? I just think the transformation would really showcase your talents.

rhonda said...

so very honored to call you my friend and are so extremely talented....keep blogging.....Love ya.