Sunday, March 13, 2011


Than a fresh loaf of bread?  I have had a bread machine for years.  Late last summer, I broke it out and have actually learned to use it.  We have not bought a loaf of bread since August (I should mention, my consumption of butter has increased exponentially since I started making bread).  This is my favorite sourdough recipe.  Something about sourdough makes me feel a little less guilty about eating white bread.  Speaking of white bread, has anyone eaten it since their mom made WonderBread sandwiches in the late 70s?!?!  I have it in the back of my brain that sourdough does not convert to sugar in our bodies as quickly (is this South Beach Diet info?) Maybe it is just wishful thinking but still, I LOVE this bread.  It makes the most remarkable toast or grilled cheese.  The starter is just apple cider vinegar (unfiltered, with the "mother"), sour cream, flour and water.  I just let the whole dough mix up in my bread machine and then pull it out to make a loaf of bread (the bread machine makes some odd-shaped cube that doesn't lend itself well to sandwich nor toast!).

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