Tuesday, September 4, 2012

National Sewing Month Celebration

I thought that this summer, being the first summer in three years that I have not been in classes, would give me plenty of time to blog and sew and post.  Not so!  Why is it that the more time we think we have, the more quickly it goes?  I did plenty of sewing this summer, but published nary a post (as you well know).

I do have two new projects to post but I have to get photos first.  I wanted to publicly issue a pledge (challenge) to myself.  In celebration of National Sewing month, I want to kick off a promise that I will post at least once a week week through the end of the year.  That's eighteen weeks and at least eighteen posts (presumably eighteen projects as well). 

I'll take pictures at home tonight and get my first posting up and running tomorrow.  Until tomorrow Dear Readers...

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