Monday, October 8, 2012

Visit to Graceland

Not the actual Graceland in Tennessee.  This weekend my dear hubby and I braved the weather and made the pilgrimage to Denver for the day.  It is a two hour drive but when I go to Denver, you just know there is going to be a trip to Joann's in there somewhere!  There is a beautiful store in Lakewood that is on the newer side (the sales people are not great however).  The best part?  Right next door is a Harbor Freight shop.  My husband was so excited when he realized that he could go next door and buy tools he needed from the store that is an actual location his favorite catalog (he never knew there was a store in our state).  He actually spent longer in the tool store than I did in Joann's!  This is the optimal situation for us!  I get to shop at Joann's and he has access to tools he dreams about ridiculously cheap!  I have a feeling I'll get to visit Joann's a lot more often if it means he can go to Harbor Freight.  You can bet next time he says he needs something, I'll ask him if Harbor Freight carries it!!

I bought what I needed to make my jacket while at Joann's.  I was a bit shy on the amount of trim I bought though and am hoping my mom can find it for me and send it out this week.  I'll be working on it in the meantime and can't wait to put up pictures of the finished product!!

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