Tuesday, May 21, 2013

School Year Winding Down and Miscellaneous Rantings

Sort of.  Because of the work I do over the summer for my school district, it doesn't ever really wind down for me.  And the last day of my summer work coincides with the first day of my school year.

I saw the cutest thing this morning and wished I had my camera to snap a photo.  On my way to work, there was this big, burly, bearded (take that alliteration!) dad walking his daughter to school.  They were walking their bicycles across the street at the light and on dad's back?  His daughter's bright pink Hello Kitty backpack!  Here's to dads!

I have come down with the worst cold I have had in years.  I don't normally get sick.  It has been years and years since I have been ill.  I work in elementary schools and joke that I have the immune system of a rhino (I have no idea what that means.  They just seem germ resistant to me).  But this is the second cold I have had in a month and this one is worse than the first.  It probably doesn't help that I am still at work but with only eight days or so left in the official school year, it doesn't seem right to take off.  It does concern me a little that I have gotten sick twice in a month when I have gone years without so much as a scratchy throat.  What is my body trying to tell me?  Could it be that I have not had any time off since February?  Or that I have six hours of tutoring outside of my school day each week?  Or the fifteen hours of coursework each week?  Regardless, it is high time for summer break and I cannot wait to sleep past five in the morning, not blow dry my hair, and generally catch up on life (and sewing!!)

By the way, still no wedding photos as I still don't have my laptop back.  The new hard drive was installed last week and when the tech people went to import everything from my external hard drive, it was discovered that the new hard drive was bad.  Thanks.  I already had a bad hard drive.  I don't need another.  SIGH.  So as soon as I get my laptop back, I promise photos of our adventure back to Illinois (probably about the time of my mom's third wedding anniversary!).

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