Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Last Dress Done but More to do

I finally finished the last dress last night for middle sister.  It is a stunning green color.  Like the tail of the Little Mermaid.  My husband called it Tinkerbell green (don't tell youngest sister.  BIG Tinkerbell fan).  It does not hang well on the hanger.  I promise to post a photo of middle sister wearing it (if she allows!).

A close-up of the overlay
Unfortunately, when I look at this dress, I see mostly my flaws and mistakes.  I had to manufacture the majority of this dress from scratch.  I made adjustments and then had to manufacture the facing pieces to match my adjustments.  Then I made more adjustments (and pulled out many stitches).  I am actually pretty nervous about having middle sister wear this dress.  I just want her to feel like the curvy, bodacious woman that she is.

This morning I cut out husband's tie but I still need to hand-stitch up the back of the tie.  I am hoping tonight to make an evening bag out of the satin from my dress and a shrug jacket out of the lace.  I might have to reverse that because it is suppose to be rather chilly.

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