Monday, April 8, 2013

Two Down, One to Go

I finished two of the three dresses this weekend.  Here is youngest sister's.

I did a rolled hem on the edge of the lace.  It has a keyhole opening in the back.  It does not show through very well but it is silver underneath the black lace.

Here is my dress.
Pardon the tub of cat food.

Obviously it is a skirt and top, not a dress.  I was inspired by this outfit on pinterest
and wanted something along those lines.  I do feel like my outfit needs a little something around the waist but I don't have anything on hand nor do I have anywhere I might find it (if Walmart doesn't carry it, I may as well forget it).  I will have access to a Joann's and am hoping that I have time to make a quick run there in the morning to look for ribbon to match either the lighter or darker purple.

So tonight I have to make middle sister's dress.  It is mostly cut out and I have already made it twice so I full expect to have it done tonight.  Husband wants a tie made out of the fabric from my dress and I have no evening bag to carry.  I am hoping to get both of those things accomplished Tuesday.  Also, its going to be cold in Chicago.  Mid-40's cold so I will try to find time to make some sort of cover up.  I think I have about a yard of fabric left to do all of this.  We'll see what I can accomplish!
Hopefully tonight, I'll be posting photos of middle sister's dress.

And I promise, to post photos of the three of us dressed at the actual wedding.  My head included.  I always cut it out because when I sew, I am generally in sweats or old jeans, unshowered, most definitely not made up and I just rapidly change into whatever I have made.  Rest assured, I do have the usual parts above the shoulders and will include that in a photo soon.

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hijoi said...

They both look great and your dress makes you look very statuesque. Can't wait to see the last one!