Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Stars are Aligning!

I have been out of commission as far as sewing goes for must of the summer.  My machine was giving me fits (and knots of bobbin thread!) but my mom has come to the rescue.  She arrived two days ago and brought her old Pfaff machine for me.  While I have done my best not to ask her and her husband to leave so that I can start sewing, I can't wait to get started.  It needs to be cleaned up a bit and I plan on having a test run tomorrow afternoon to make certain everything is in working order.  In the meantime, three other events have happened to make this a potential sew-out/blow-out.  My husband gave me some cash to buy fabric after I helped him at a catering event (boy, does he know how to make sure he can rope me in again, or what?!).  All my fabric is here, washed and ready to be cut!  Event number two: after I take my exam Monday night, I have a full two weeks before the next class starts!  I have NO life with these classes but this break is just perfectly timed!  And number three:

Admittedly, most of my sewing is selfish sewing but now, I have full permission to sew just for me!  Oh joy!  I have some great projects planned! 

The Skinny Jean and Schoolhouse Tunic both from Sew Liberated.

The Poppy Tunic from Make It Perfect.  And

the dress from Simplicity 2245.  Those are just a few of the projects I have planned for the next two weeks.  I double-pinkie swear, I will post as I create these things.  I am so excited to have a chance to actually create!  Stay tuned for these things as I start stitching them up on Tuesday!

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