Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sew Selfish

I believe I mentioned in my last post that I generally sew for myself.  My time to sew is really limited and the clothes I make are to expand my wardrobe.  I have one more weekend of sewing before class begins again.  Although now that I think about it, Christmas is very quickly approaching and I should get started on actual gifts.  One more weekend for me and then I will start to think about sewing for others!

Anyway, I was quite productive last week and promise to share photos soon. I made a great dress, finished a top, made the Sew Liberated Simple Skinny Jean, and made a pencil skirt.  I am currently working on the Make it Perfect Poppy Tunic but the bias tape is taking me a little longer that I expected.  Mostly because I am working on pressing it only twenty minutes at a time.  I'll finish up the bias this morning and tonight and tomorrow actually make the dress.  I would love to wear it at the end of the week.

I signed up for a couple of Craftsy classes on fitting patterns.  I am really excited about this class Adjust the Bust and I signed up for this fitting class as well.  Also, CreativeBug had a special price for their unlimited classes at $9.99/month in September.  Have you seen this Amy Butler tunic tutorial?!  I think this is a project I will attempt to tackle this weekend!  Perfect for fall!  I'll be back later this week with photos of all I made last weekend and an update of the plans of what I'll be sewing this weekend before class starts again on Tuesday (groan).

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